Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

Courses Beads ( Manik-manik )

We are glad to introduce you BeadsLoverz! Your one stop shopping and learning on all things Jewellery. We provide skills for beading and jewellery making. We will teach you on how to make jewellery the professional way. And after attending the class, you will be surprised on how one can make jewellery like a pro. Our shop is selling a variety of beads, toho, matsuno, delica, chehnya glass beads and others. Also we provide tools from Beadsmith that will support you in your jewellery making. If you are in need of finding caps, chain, flexible wire, or wire with any gauge, you can find it readily in our shop with variety ranging from copper, silver, gold filling, and fermile. Other than that BeadsLoverz also has a supply of books and magazine to enhance your creativity. Even when you are looking for a special gift, our shop has ready made beads and jewellery with exclusive design for you to choose from.

Our store provide local & imported materials for making necklace, earring, bracelet etc. Those are available in many varied shape and size. We also provide tools for making jewelries such as pliers, beads tray, wigjig etc.
We are offering you beautiful & exclusive jewelries set for your own use or as a nice gift for friend, relative & colleague.
You will find our store a comfort place for shopping
and creating your own jewelry design.

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